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Testimonial – Eastwood Residence – Azni

 When I met Hang and Titi from Interior Matters, it‘s like fate brought to turn my house into a home.

There is a difference between a house and a home. The home must be something we look forward to return always. We return because we often seek solace with loved ones. In searching such quality, the house must become a home with a soul.

Eastwood wasn‘t a home that’s fulfilling my soulful needs yet. It‘s been renovated to give it a fresh look. But it‘s also in need of that X factor, to give the spaces designed more soul into it. Soul provides an important connection to a home. It‘s immeasurable and yet something we cherish and treasure in a home.

Hang, Titi and I worked with TDI to search for that feel good factor.

IM walked us through the process. They grasped what was the meaning of such spaces at Eastwood. Once they‘ve got it, they transformed it. Interior styling is not a rocket science. It‘s also not that simple.

For these 2, they‘ve become a partner and friends of the family. It‘s beyond just a profession. For that, they‘ve earned my respect watching on how they were putting more soul into Eastwood.

There‘s so much meaning now. Along the way, we began to understand a deeper meaning into what makes a house become a home. I thoroughly enjoyed their company. So did my family and my maid too….

Colors, textures, materials, style, fashion and others put together into a composition that pleased home owners, users of space and more important, humans that they help filled up their soul.

Try it out with these 2 stylists. It‘s a wonderful experience. Watch how a simple change can go along way with them.

I never regretted my decision and in fact, look further into future projects with them. 

Thanks IM.
Azni – Eastwood Residence